Surgeon Takes Selfies With Naked Patients (Photos)


One of the most popular plastic surgeons in the Ukraine is probably most well-known for his Instagram account, on which he shares photos of himself doing surgery as well as graphic pre- and post-op pictures of women with breast implants.

The social media account, which has more than 104,000 followers according to the New York Post, is run by 31-year-old Edgar Kaminskyi who has been a plastic surgeon for eight years. The photos show patients during the surgeries, while they are unconscious. In one photo, the anesthetist pretends to be kissing one patient's naked breast while she lies anesthetized on the operating table. 

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 He also often posts videos of himself during surgery, telling the camera crass comments about the women he's operating on, according to the Daily Mail. In one clip, he tells the camera, "In an hour you will watch the new LX 410 driving into its garage," referring to an upcoming implant surgery. 

One photo collage he posted shows numerous unconscious patients. The caption to an image of a patient's breasts says "Like if you like." 

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Kaminskyi claims that all the photos he posts have the patients' consent, according to the Daily Mail. "They sign an appropriate document. I do not take social networks as a mean of communication, only as an advertising engine," he says.

Mary O’Brien, consultant plastic surgeon, slammed Kaminskyi's practices, telling the Daily Mail that while "pre- and post-op pictures, when they are used professionally and respectfully, can be very helpful for patients, inappropriate use of photos and social media is exploitative of vulnerable patients."

"And it is my view, that during an operation, a surgeon should be focusing wholly on that operation, and not on marketing for his own personal gain," she said.

The plastic surgeon often takes selfies of himself, even going so far as to share a photo of himself with a blood-spattered mask after a surgery.

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Kaminskyi has also been under fire for his comments about his female patients. According to the Daily Mail, he has told a Ukrainian magazine that "70 percent of my clients need a psychologist, not a surgeon" because of their issues of self-worth. 

"During the day I meet 25 new girls and seven of them get undressed in front of me," he continued. "I have to listen to them, to understand, to forgive -- not a single psychologist has so much work."

The New York Post reports that the controversy does not affect his business as Kaminskyi has a waiting list of more than a year. He advertises that breast augmentation surgery costs around $5,500.

Sources: Daily Mail, New York Post / Photo credit: Edgar Kaminskyi/Instagram via Daily Mail

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