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Plane Turbulence Causes Injuries, Broken Bones (Video)

Twenty-seven people were injured, some with broken bones, when an Aeroflot airplane encountered heavy turbulence on May 1 while flying from Moscow to Bangkok (video below).

An Instagram user recorded it and posted a video of the turbulence's aftermath, along with a description of what happened:

3 hours ago I was on a Plane going From Moscow to Bangkok, out of nowhere we hit turbulence, that was so bad that it was throwing people around like crazy. Blood everywhere, people with broken bones, noses, open fractures, baby's with head injuries, I can keep going and going. Thank God we are Alive!

I really hope [Aeroflot] will do right by everybody that got hurt! Aeroflot personnel was nothing but heroes who did everything that they could to help the people that were hurt. Regarding the pilot, I can say he saved us all. #thankyou I can honestly say I have never been so scared in my life before. #aeroflot #emergency. we are ok!

"All of the injured have been taken to a local hospital. They mostly have bruises and fractures," said a statement from the Russian Embassy in Thailand, reports RT.

Officials say the high number of injuries was in part because many passengers were not wearing their safety belts.

The aircraft reportedly hit "clear sky turbulence," which took the flight crew by surprise and did not give them time to warn the passengers. The plane was bounced up and down between 320 to 650 feet.

RT spoke to one passenger, who gave his name as Rostislav, who recalled the incident:

It happened all of a sudden, and was absolutely unexpected: the plane was thrown up and down, we almost jumped out of our seats in the front. In a couple of seconds, it happened again and lasted for about 10 seconds, we were being thrown out of our seats again.

It happened at the back of the plane, and I would say that there, every second person was injured People started to get out of the plane, and the medics didn’t board for another 40 minutes.

Aeroflot released a statement on its website:

None of the 27 passengers of the Boeing 777 that flew from Moscow to Bangkok has serious or life-threatening injuries, according to information from the medical institutions in Thailand’s capital that are treating the victims.

None of the passengers suffered spinal compression fractures. Fifteen Russian Federation citizens and two citizens of Thailand currently remain hospitalized. The remaining passengers were discharged after a medical examination. The patients that are still under doctors’ care have contusions, and several have fractured or broken bones.

Sources: Rostik Rusev/Instagram, RT, Aeroflot / Photo credit: Arcturus/Wikimedia

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