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Pictures Of Lamborghini Driver At Scene Of Deadly Accident Go Viral (Video)

A street race in East Java, Indonesia, reportedly resulted a car crash, killing one and injuring two others (video below).

Wiyang Lautner, 24, lost control of his Lamborghini during a street race against a Ferrari on Nov. 29, Kompass reports.

He allegedly mowed down two people known only by their last names, Srikanti, 41, and Mujianto, 44. Both victims sustained broken legs from the crash.

Lautner reportedly struck and killed 51-year-old Kuswanto, whose body was dragged by the vehicle for several feet before it collided into a tree, according to police.

Kuswanto and his wife, Srikanti, were out buying milk when the incident occurred.

Video taken after the incident caught Lautner texting on his phone as he emerged from his vehicle, although it is unclear whether he was using his phone to seek help. Both Srikanti and Mujianto could be seen in the video lying injured in the street while Lautner used his phone.

Lautner was detained by authorities and an investigation has been started.

According to the International Association of Traffic and Safety Sciences, 61 percent of fatalities in Indonesia were riders of two- or three-wheeled vehicles, while pedestrians made of 15 percent of those who died in road accidents.

WARNING: Graphic video.

Sources: KompassInternational Association of Traffic and Safety Sciences / Photo credit: Video screenshot

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