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Photo Of 3-Year-Old 'Ruthless Biker' Getting His First Parking Ticket Goes Viral (Photo)

No one wants to think an adorable toddler is bound for a life of crime. 

But now that his picture has gone viral, no one can deny that 3-year-old Declan Tramley of Nova Scotia, Canada, is getting an early start. 

It was all in good fun of course, as Declan’s dad snapped a photo of the boy getting a parking ticket for having parked his toy motorcycle in the wrong spot at the Halifax Boardwalk, according to CTV News. 

Declan’s parents said the boy loves to take his bike to the boardwalk, wearing a tiny leather jacket, and hang out with the older bikers who frequent the area. 

The recently snapped picture shows Declan sitting on his motorcycle, head in hand, while a kneeling officer scribbles out the citation. 

Halifax Regional Police Constable Shawn Currie said he did it for a laugh. 

“He parked his bike just like the other motorcyclists would,” Currie told CTV. “He walked away, and we thought it would be funny if I walked over and pretended to write him a ticket.”

Declan’s dad took some photos of his son’s first brush with the law and sent one off to the Halifax Regional Police, who in turn posted it to social media. 

“Remember, no motorcycle parking in the circle by the ferry terminal. This ruthless biker was caught yesterday!” was the accompanying message on Twitter, where the photo has been retweeted over 600 times. 

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The police department made a similar post on Facebook, where the picture has been shared over 2,300 times and generated more than 400 comments.

“Too cute. His expression is priceless,” wrote Facebook user Fonda Diggs.

“This has made me smile a dozen times already,” said Wendy Wiseman Yurett.

Although he likely didn’t expect the photo to garner the attention it has, Currie said the positive response is exactly why he wrote the fake ticket. 

“It’s nice to show the different sides of the police,” he said. “We’re not always the ones making arrests and hauling people away. We’re just normal like everybody else and we do like to have fun.”

As for Declan, he appears to have embraced the outlaw life. When he’s not napping. 

“He loves his ticket,” his mother Lisa Tramley said. “He tried to go to sleep with it, actually.”

Sources: CTV News, Facebook: Halifax Police, Twitter: Halifax Police

Photo Credit: Facebook: Halifax Police, Charleston's TheDigitel/Flickr


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