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Petitioners Want Men Who Sentenced Two Sisters To Be Raped Charged

Petitioners are calling for the Sankrot, Uttar Pradesh, India, village men who sentenced two sisters to be raped as punishment for their brother eloping with a married woman from a higher social caste to be charged.

The sisters, one of whom is 15, the other 23, were sentenced to the punishment by the village council, known as a "panchayat," even though India’s Supreme Court has ruled the non-elected groups to be illegal.

The sisters were ordered to be raped and paraded naked in the village with blackened faces, Amnesty International reports.

The sisters and their family had already fled the village in May before the sentence was handed down on July 30. They now fear for their lives and the life of the reportedly pregnant woman their brother eloped with.

“The Jat decision is final,” one of the brothers of 23-year-old victim Meenakshi Kumari said.

Kumari has filed a petition with the Supreme Court asking for protection. Her father lodged a complaint with two national bodies claiming his family has suffered harassment from the family of the eloped woman and the police.

Over 134,300 people have signed the petition for action to be taken against the village council men.

Sources: Amnesty International, The Daily Mail / Photo credit: PWRDF/Flickr


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