Pet Tiger Goes After Owner's Friend (Video)

An unidentified man was recently attacked by his friend's pet tiger in Saudi Arabia (video below).

The tiger chased the man and bit him on the foot after he apparently teased the big cat, according to Emirates 24/7.

Amid laughter and howls, the owner beat the tiger away with a stick.

Two women were attacked by a tiger in July at the Badaling Wildlife World in Beijing, China, on July 25, reported the South China Morning Post. One of the women died and the other was seriously injured.

In that incident, captured on a surveillance video, a young woman got out of the front passenger seat of the family car, and walked around the car to speak to her husband, who was driving and sitting next to her.

The tiger grabbed the young woman, and her husband ran after the beast. The young woman's mother jumped out of the back seat to lend a hand, but was killed. A grandson was reportedly in the car, but was not seen getting out.

A spokeswoman for the Yanqing district’s afforestation bureau told The Beijing News that all park guests have to sign an agreement not to open their car doors or windows, or exit their vehicles.

The spokeswoman said the young woman ignored a nearby patrol, which warned her, and numerous signs and loudspeaker announcements.

The young woman was seriously injured and taken to a local hospital.

The New York Times noted conflicting reports about the young woman allegedly getting out of the vehicle because she had a fight with her husband.

This was not the first tiger attack in the park. An older woman was mauled by a tiger while walking to a bathroom in October 2012, and an inspector was killed by some tigers after exiting his patrol car in August 2014, noted the South China Morning Post.

The New York Times reported that a tiger killed an 18-year-old man after he climbed a fence with two friends to get into its enclosure in 2009.

Sources: Emirates 24/7South China Morning PostThe New York Times / Photo credit: YouTube

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