Pest Control Worker Finds Huge Nest Of Spiders (Video)


Noel Parminter, a pest control worker, came across a large spider's nest consisting of about 100 babies and a large mother while doing an inspection of a home in Kholo, Australia, on March 10 (video below).

Parminter posted a video of the arachnids on the Auswise Pest Control Facebook page with a caption:

While doing a termite inspection today, I came across this especially large Grey Huntsman spider (Holconia immanis) keeping her watchful eyes on a recently hatched egg case with the hatchlings staying close by. I was able to get in close and blew them a kiss. If spiders make you squeamish, don't press play... you have been warned!!

After the video went viral, Parminter told Australia's 7 News Online that the mother spider would measure over seven inches long if her legs were extended completely.

According to Parminter, this "lovely specimen" was one of the largest huntsman spiders that he had witnessed in 16 years of pest control.

"They look more fierce than they are," Parminter said. "Those spiders can be beneficial in the insect world because they keep the population down."

Parminter said that a huntsman spider normally eats moths, cockroaches, other types of insects and small lizards.

"These guys can't kill you," Parminter added. "They are not overly venomous [to humans] and [are] classified as a non aggressive spider."

According to the Australian Museum, huntsman spiders roam throughout the country, and are normally found in rock wall crevices, under tree bark and below rocks, but they sometimes journey into people's houses and cars.

The female spiders can lay up to 200 eggs, which they will guard for close to three weeks without meal breaks. They are known to be aggressive during this time. After the baby spiders are born, the mom stays around for several weeks

Unlike many female species of spiders, the female huntsman spider does not kill her mate, but rather allows him to stick around and watch the kids, which most times number in the hundreds.

There was lots of action on the Auswise Pest Control Facebook page with people chatting about the spider video:

  • Beautiful mother there. Remember, in our ongoing war with the insects, arachnids are one of our greatest allies. Between them and bats, we'll be in good shape.
  • That is ridiculous, I used to find bigger ones over my bed when I was a child, and some of them black and very hairy, and really big, huge. One of my brothers use to play with them.

Sources: Auswise Pest Control/Facebook, 7 News Online, Australian Museum / Photo credit: Pixabay

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