'Persian Hercules' Wants To Fight ISIS (Video)


Sajad Gharibi, a bodybuilder in Iran, recently announced that he wants to battle ISIS (video below).

The Metro News reports that he weighs about 341 pounds, but can lift around 385 pounds.

The 24-year-old weightlifter, who is called "The Persian Hercules" and the "Iranian Hulk," has already become a social media sensation by showing off his bulging muscles to his 10,000+ Instagram followers.

The BBC News reports that the powerlifter recently said that he wants to join Iranian forces who are fighting ISIS in Syria, where he wants to defend Shia Muslim mosques.

Gharibi has actually had to dispel rumors that he is an ISIS executioner nicknamed "The Bulldozer" who has a similar body type.

Gharibi reportedly has a sensitive side and once posted on Instagram: "Remember I told you if you’re humble and love people, then they’ll crush you? That’s me right now."

Gharibi, who credits much of his physique to "genetics," is into boxing and, more recently, body-building.

Gharibi poses on Instagram shirtless, next to small objects such as a soda can, side-by-side with a drawing of The Hulk, and with weights. He has also posted screenshots of articles written about him (hint, hint).

The Telegraph notes some of the responses to the body builder on Facebook have included:

The answer to our prayers has finally arrived. Why don’t you send in Captain America and Batman and Robin while you’re at it?

Whilst I think this guy is TRULY impressive, I worry that his size will make him SOO easy to spot. He’ll be in SOOO much more danger.

Thanks so much, Hulk, but we think you’ll be better off at home.

I doubt he will be much help. I really don’t think there is much hand to hand combat with Isis fighters. They would be better with the help of sharp shooters. I don’t think these muscle bound people move very fast either!

However, actor Jamie Foxx was impressed enough with Gharabi to write on Instagram: "The guy doesn’t even need CGI… #RealLifeHulk."

Sources: The Telegraph, BBC News, Metro News / Photo credit: Sajad Gharibi via YouTube

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