People Steal Water Meant For Marathon Runners (Video)


Several unidentified people were caught on video (below) stealing water that was set aside for runners during the April 24 London Marathon.

The thieves, including some parents with small children, were seen stealing the water bottles after a group of runners passed by at the 8-mile mark, notes the Daily Mail.

One man is seen using a wheeled cart to pile up water before rolling the bottles away.

The thieves, about 20, are believed to be local residents.

The incident happened in the Deptford neighborhood in the southeast of the city.

"It's very disappointing to see water being stolen in this way from the official water stations for our runners," Hugh Brasher, event director for London Marathon Events Ltd, said.

"These water stations are staffed by volunteers and we are very grateful to them for their work on Race Day," Brasher added.

"We always brief our volunteers not to get into altercations if this kind of thing happens. We'll investigate this further."

The marathon organizers are promising to increase security at future races to prevent similar thefts, notes the London Evening Standard.

"We will be investigating the matter further, in conjunction with the Metropolitan Police, as part of our event debrief," Brasher said.

"In future, we will be providing these volunteers with additional security measures on race day."

"Obviously hard times in Deptford," Mark Hudson, the volunteer who filmed the incident, said on the video. "Although the last coach has gone past, so the marathon runners are on their own, but it's quite a sad state."

RT notes the outrage, and one defense, on Twitter:

"Shocked to hear people in Deptford showed up trollies and completely cleared the tables of water left for marathon runners today."

"Just seen the video of the people stealing the water at the London Marathon. Total Scumbags."

"People stealing water from the London marathon now? Really sad what the world is coming to."

"How dare people take the marathon runners water. Such disrespect."

"Shut up the marathon is obviously finished and the geez clearly allowed them to take the water."

Sources: Daily Mail, RT, London Evening Standard / Photo credit: Mark Hudson via YouTube

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