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People Pay Money To Smash TVs, Mirrors, Glasses in 'Rage Room' (Video)

People are paying $40 to destroy TV sets, mirrors, glasses and other household items in a "rage room" located in Lodz, Poland (video below).

Zdzisław Hoffmann, the founder of the rage room, told The Telegraph:

It is perfect for everyone. I would say it is better for calm people who just want to come here, get wild and destroy something, what is usually forbidden.

I was always fascinated how people can throw out a TV set from 11th floor after a football match. So now people can come here and do it for themselves. That's fun.

Customers must wear a protective helmet while breaking things with objects such as hammers and baseball bats for 30 minutes.

The items that customers break are obtained by the rage room for free via recycling websites.

The Guardian reported in August about a rage room in Toronto, Ontario, Canada, where customers pay $20 to destroy items.

Timothy Cheung, one of the co-founders, said he first heard about this form of amusement in Serbia.

Sources: The Telegraph, The Guardian / Photo Credit: The Telegraph Screenshot


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