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People From Different Countries Are Asked: 'What Would You Do If Your Child Was Gay?' (Video)

People from around the world were recently asked by Culture Beats, a YouTube channel, what they would do if their child was gay (video below).

Many said they would accept their children, but other responses were on the negative side, notes

"Well, you can't do anything about it," an Austrian woman stated. "Because It is not a decision he makes. He was born with this kind of orientation, so the only thing you can do is accept and support him."

“I will kill him,” an United Arab Emirates woman replied. A man off-camera said it was "against the natural law," which she agreed with.

An Australian man said he didn't have problem with it, and added that he would "try to support" his child.

A woman from Norway gave a similar reply.

“I’d like to understand how he feels," an Irish man stated. "It's still your child, you know his sexual orientation is no different. You know, I would wish him that he could find happiness no matter whether he's gay or straight."

“I would probably be sad," an man from Iran opined. "I want my boy to have a wife, and my girl to have a man, but maybe I would accept it in the end. You cannot get rid of your children. But I would not be happy, no.”

"Actually, I would be very upset, personally," a woman hailing from Azerbaijan said. "And I would try to consult a doctor about it to see why he's gay, and see what brought him to be gay. If it is hormones, then it is from God. If it is because of society, then I'll try to help him."

In the UK, a gay drama teacher's response to a Christian mom who pulled her children out of his school (after discovering the teacher was gay) has gone viral on Facebook and Imgur, notes the Daily Mail.

The mom told the teacher, "Michael," via cell phone text that she didn't want her kids "influenced by unconventional ideas," stated that she believed "a man should marry a woman" and asked for a refund.

Michael responded by texting: "As far as I'm aware, my sexuality doesn't affect my ability to teach, just like it wouldn't affect a doctor's ability to treat one of your children should they become unwell. I'm sure your children's health would come first should they need treatment, or would you need to check their doctor's lifestyle prior to their life-saving operation?"

He later wished her luck in finding a new drama school for her kids, but added, "from experience I find that theater without gays is like cooking without spices..."

Michael also warned the mom about another drama school where the "teachers have been known to wear mixed fabrics which I'm sure you know is forbidden in the bible (Leviticus 91:19)."

Sources:, Daily Mail / Photo Credit: Culture Beats Screenshot

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