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People Burned By Fireworks At New Year's Eve Party (Video)

A New Year's Eve party in Koh Phangan, Thailand, went horribly wrong when spectators were showered with red-hot embers from fireworks (video below).

"It was just like a shower of burning sparks," Lucy Coyle, a British tourist who posted a video of the incident on Twitter, told AFP. "It felt like people were stabbing you with pins all over your body ... everyone was trying to get out."

Sea winds blew sparks from a fireworks-lit sign that read: "Happy New Year 2017" into the crowd, causing many to suffer burns.

The crowd, many of whom were backpackers, panicked and ran from the wayward pyrotechnic display at the annual Full Moon party.

Freddie Jacobs, another tourist from the U.K., recalled: "My girlfriend fell to the floor, she was getting so many burns I had to cover her like a blanket."

Koh Phangan police Col. Somchai Noppasri seemed to downplay the injuries: "One female tourist aged around 30 was slightly injured, she got treated and went away."

Madison Reidy recalled the harrowing incident to her former employer TVNZ, a news network in New Zealand:

My whole body was burning; I could feel sparks stinging my face, legs and arms. It felt as though all of my skin was on fire. We heard people closer to the sign screaming and the crowed swayed, pushing people over.

I yelled at my friends to duck. I dropped to the ground and curled up in a ball covering my face to protect it from being burned. We think the female tourist next to us broke her ankle after being trampled on by the crowd.

The second the sparks stopped flying at us, we tried to run in the opposite direction but the crowd was so large no one could move. We were stuck.

The 21-year-old partier said she had burns on her back, chest and legs.

In more bad news, a 26-year-old Canadian man drowned in the sea off Koh Phangan while swimming during the New Year's Eve countdown, notes the Bangkok Post.

An unidentified woman, who was with the Canadian, survived the incident and was taken to a local hospital.

Authorities told people not to swim because of the high waves, but several revelers ignored the warnings.

Sources: AFP via Bangkok Post, TVNZ, Bangkok Post / Photo Credit: Lucy Coyle/Twittervia YouTube

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