Woman Rips Up Israeli Flag At Brussels Memorial (Video)


Footage was captured of a woman tearing apart an Israeli flag at a memorial for the terrorist attacks that took place in Brussels.

On March 24, the day after the bombings that took more than 30 lives in the Belgium capital, a woman wearing a hijab destroyed an Israeli flag that was part of a makeshift memorial for the victims of the attacks. French-language television station RTL was broadcasting live and captured the incident, which took place at Place de la Bourse Square.

In the video, the woman can be seen looking through the various flags placed at the memorial, as reported by The Jerusalem Post. After picking up a Palestinian flag, she grabs an Israeli flag and rips it to pieces. She then attempts to hide the pieces of the shredded flag under other flags at the memorial.

According to YNET News, an anti-Semitism activist wanted to bring attention to the incident to increase awareness.

"I got the video from a Jewish student in Brussels, who happened to be watching TV and saw it on the live broadcast from the scene of the attack," said Ido Daniel, the head of Israel Students Union's program. "As soon as I got the video, I made sure to spread it across social media. This is the only way we can fight and reveal the true faces of these activists and what they're focusing on at such a dire time."

Daniel stated that the "pro-Palestinian activist" was more concerned with the presence of the Israeli flag instead of mourning the victims of the terrorist attacks.

"[She] didn't really care about the terror victims or the catastrophe that occurred in her city only 24 hours before," Daniel said. "What bothered her most in this terror attack was the fact the Israeli flag was there as part of a show of solidarity with the Belgian people. This is the essence of the anti-Israel obsession."

In another video, a man can be seen covering an Israeli flag with a Palestinian flag at a similar memorial dedicated to the victims of the Brussels bombings, as reported by Daily Mail.

Sources: YNET News, The Jerusalem Post, Daily Mail / Photo credit: Daily Mail

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