Outrage After Dad Films Toddler Smoking (Video)


A video posted online that shows the moment when a father gave his toddler a cigarette has caused outrage on the web (video below).

The little boy is wearing a colorful coat and the father asks the smoking toddler to turn toward the camera.

Before the boy throws the cigarette on the ground after coughing, the father makes a clicking noise to stop him. He then tells the boy to take another drag. The toddler puts the cigarette back in his mouth, holding on to it without his hands.

The toddler coughs again but the dad continues to encourage him, laughing. He even perfects the stance of a seasoned smoker, including the tapping of his leg.

The two are in dilapidated courtyard in what appears to be China, although it hasn’t been confirmed, according to Daily Mail.

It is thought the dad asks the boy if he likes smoking, to which he replies that he does in a dialect that is not Mandarin.

Unsurprisingly there’s been backlash over the video, which has since been uploaded onto YouTube.

“I bet the chicks think he's cool,” a commentator jokes, “Probably kills it at the playground.”

Another viewer wrote: “There's a "father" whose face I would gladly bash in.”

In 2010, people all over the world were shocked to see a video of a 2-year-old Indonesian boy with a cigarette addiction. He purportedly smoked 40 cigarettes a day, but quit in 2013 and took up a junk food addiction instead, reported Fox News.

Sources: Daily Mail, YouTube, Fox News / Photo credit: Screenshot via YouTube

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