The Mexican Scout Association criticized a female girl scout leader after she was fired for making a girl participate in a disturbing initiation ceremony that was recorded and shared online (video below).

The video shows a child, thought to be around 5 years old, trembling and shrieking as the scout leader pours Coca-Cola over the girl and encourages the other older children to do the same.

The leader helps some of the kids open more bottles of soda and tells the petrified child not to cry. The youngster endures five bottles of Coca-Cola poured over her head as she sits fully clothed on the ground.

The event happened in Los Remedios National Park in Naucalpan in State of Mexico, just north-west of Mexico City, according to The Sun.

The anonymous young girl reportedly belonged to a beaver group which isn’t officially recognized by the association because it includes children under 6.

After the video appeared on social media and YouTube, incensed Twitter users created a Lady Bullying hashtag.

Authorities were asked on March 31 to investigate the incident after it was revealed that the unnamed scout leader had been terminated from her position.

The MSA stated in a press release:

“We condemn these acts and wish to express our repudiation for anything which goes against the principles of the scouting movement like this clear case of bullying involving children and young people.

“We would like to point out that the children who appear in this video are not members of our organisation and it is important to highlight the fact that we have taken the relevant steps to guarantee the integrity of our members and ensure they do not participate, promote or carry out acts of this sort.”

Mexican prosecutors verified they had started an investigation and would call upon the leaders of the Naucalpan Beavers 9 group for questioning.

Sources: The Sun, YouTube / Photo credit: The Sun

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