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Pennsylvania Police Say Woman's Fitbit Watch Shows She Lied About Being Raped

A Florida woman has been charged with lying to Pennsylvania police about being raped after evidence, recovered from her fitness watch, failed to corroborate her story, police say. 

Jeannine M. Risley, 43, of Saint Petersburg, Florida, originally told police that she was assaulted by an intruder while staying in the guest room of her boss’s home in East Lampeter Township, Pennsylvania, WHTM News reported. She was reportedly in the area for work.

According to police documents obtained by Lancaster Online, Risley, who is married, told investigators she had been asleep in bed around midnight of March 10 when a man in his 30s, wearing boots, entered her room and raped her. 

Charging documents indicate Risley told police the man had pulled her from the bed and into a nearby bathroom and raped her at knifepoint, according to WHTM.

But, the charging documents say, Risley's Fitbit watch — that police recovered from a nearby hallway, and that Risley had said was lost during the attack — told a different story. 

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In an arrest affidavit, police say that data taken from the watch -- which monitors sleep and a person’s activity -- show Risley was awake and walking around the house at the time she said she was attacked. 

The affidavit also indicates there were no boot prints found in the snow outside the home and no indication of boot prints on the bathroom floor where the rape was said to have occurred, Lancaster Online reported.

Risley has been charged with making false reports to law enforcement, false alarms to public safety, and tampering with evidence for allegedly staging the crime scene by overturning a table and placing a knife nearby, according to WHTM. 

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Risley, who remains free on bail, recently waived a preliminary hearing on all counts, according to Lancaster Online. By waiving this right, Risley is not admitting guilt, but is conceding that there is evidence to support the charges.

A trial is expected later this year in Lancaster County Court, but no date has been set. 

Sources: WHTM News, Lancaster Online, Daily Mail

Photo Credit: Lancaster Online


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