New World Record: Pair Pull Three Fire Trucks (Video)


A pastor and a TV host set a world record on April 23 in Cobourg, Ontario, Canada, when they pulled three fire trucks that weighed a little over 90 tons more than 100 feet (video below).

The Rev. Dr. Kevin Fast had 24 Guinness World Records under his belt already when he was contacted by the Discovery Channel to team up with Andrew Younghusband, the TV host of "Canada’s Worst Driver," notes Northumberland Today.

Younghusband is hosting "Tougher Than It Looks?" a new show on the Discovery Channel that will feature this historic event.

"We realized if we want to do it we should hook up with someone whose done it multiple times before," Younghusband said. "Kevin Fast had broken 24 records before today and we wanted to know is it tougher than it looks."

Fast and Younghusband put on harnesses in their attempt to pull the three fire trucks, but nothing moved.

Fast unbuckled himself from the harness, and walked away, but he returned after it was discovered that one of the trucks had its air brakes on.

Younghusband recalled:

"When we tried and went nowhere my heart broke. I exerted myself almost completely and then learned the air brakes on one of the fire trucks were still on.

"That was a crushing blow. I thought we’re both spent on a physical level, but no ... I was spent, he was still good to go."

During their second try, the men began moving the fire trucks that were connected.

The front bumper of the first fire truck crossed the finish line, and the men thought their Herculean task was over, but they had to move the trucks another 4 feet to get past 100 feet.

The men did it and set the Guinness World Record for the heaviest vehicle pulled over 100 feet by two people, reports RT.

Younghusband said afterwards:

"It’s tougher than it looks if you’re a regular person, but if you’re a regular person who hooks up with Kevin it’s not that tough. Lets face facts, he did 98 percent of the work.

"I was along for the ride. I was trying my damndest but if you had eight of me it wouldn’t have happened. One of me and one of him -- no sweat."

Fast thought they could have done it faster, but added: "It might be age -- it could be any number of things why it was a bit harder. We did it and that’s all that matters at this point. A lot went wrong but finally it went right."

Sources: Northumberland Today, RT / Photo credit: CobourgNews/YouTube

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