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Passengers Tie Man Down During His First Flight (Video)

Passengers Tie Man Down During His First Flight (Video) Promo Image

An unidentified Russian man was recently tied down by his fellow passengers on his first plane flight (video below).

At least two passengers filmed the bloodied man, believed to be drunk, as he became infuriated during a Red Wings Airlines flight from Moscow to Antalya, Turkey, reports the Daily Mail.

The man reportedly tried to calm himself by drinking alcohol, but drank too much and became unruly, notes

In one video, the man screamed and hit the seat in front of him while his feet were restrained with seat belts; he reportedly cursed in Russian.

In another video, the man's right arm was bound to the seat, and another passenger had his arms around the man's neck to restrain him.

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M24 news, a Russian site, reports the chaos began when flight attendants took away the man's alcohol, which enraged him and caused him to walk around the plane demanding a drink.

When the flight attendants tried to tie the man up, he resisted by banging his head into the back of a seat, which may explain the blood on his clothes.

According to the Russian news site Komsomolskaya Pravda, the man was flying with his two children and wife, who returned to Russia after the flight landed. The man was detained by police in Turkey. readers had plenty to say in the comments section:

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[P]oor guy?? what about all the other passengers especially the children that would have been terrified by this r-tards behaviour, the selfish p**** knew that he was scared of flying so why not take some form of land based travel??? someone should of just KO'd the idiot...

Im afraid to fly too and Im always drunk on a plane... but it makes me fall asleep all the time. This guy has a problem even [without] drinking alcohol in my opinion.

When's the divorce? Wife looks well p***** off ......

They should have let him finish his drink.

Never use drink to calm your flying anxiety. Instead use love. This is this man's fear of flying that led to his meltdown due to his alcoholism. He must be a privileged Russian to fly to Turkey on vacation. A man governed by fear is made a brute by drink.

In America if one feared flying you used to be able to simply call your doctor and get some xanax prescribed. That type of thing cant really be done anymore thanks to our lovely government intrusion in everything. I imagine something like this could have been done, although I am not acquainted with Russian law and medicine.

This makes americans looks like saints.

Sources:, Daily Mail / Photo credit: Igor Mikhelevich/Wikimedia Commons, Simon Boddy/FlickrLuc Verkuringen via Wikimedia Commons

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