Plane Intercepted By Fighter Jets After Bomb Threat


An Israel-bound passenger flight was intercepted by fighter jets after pilots reportedly received a bomb threat.

The plane, an El Al Boeing 747-400, was flying from JFK airport in New York to Tel Aviv in Israel on July 5. The flight was intercepted by two Swiss fighter jets after U.S. aviation authorities received an anonymous tip about a bomb inside the plane, the Israeli Foreign Ministry said, according to ABC News.

The two Swiss F-18 fighter jets escorted the passenger plane through Switzerland’s airspace, according to a statement by the Swiss Air Force. It was described as a "hot mission," the Daily Mail notes.

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Swiss government air navigation service Skyguide spokesman Vladi Barrosa said French military jets were also escorting the plane prior to its entry into Swiss airspace but did not provide further details.

The plane landed safely and on schedule in Tel Aviv. No suspicious devices were found inside the plane after it landed, an El Al spokesperson said.

When asked if the airline deemed the bomb threat credible, an El Al spokesperson responded, "You can understand on your own, if the plane is continuing on its way."

Sources: ABC News, Daily Mail / Photo Credit: Eric Salard/Flickr, Twitter/AIRLive via Daily Mail

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