Paris Victim's Mom May Sue Belgium


The French mother of a victim of the Paris terror attacks is suing Belgium for negligence. Nadine Ribet-Reinhart alleges the Belgian state did not do enough to stop jihadists from carrying out the Nov. 13, 2015, attacks. 

Ribet-Reinhart's son, Valentin Ribet, 26, an anti-corruption attorney, died in the terror attacks, reports the BBC. 

“This is called inaction, and in the wake of such inaction are decimated families and children who will never be born,” Ribet-Reinhart said.

Many of the alleged perpetrators of the attacks were in Belgium before to the terror attacks in Paris. Several of the suspects are from Belgium, including the alleged organizer Abdehamid Abaaoud, reports the Mirror. 

Chakib Akrouh and Brahim Abdeslam were other Belgian militants identified as attackers who were killed in the aftermath of the Paris attacks. 

Belgian officials reported they had determined three locations in Belgium used by the suspects to to plan the attacks just hours before they arrived in France. 

“Everybody now knows the name of Molenbeek. What did the state of Belgium do beforehand?” asked Ribet-Reinhart.

Molenbeek is the Brussels neighborhood linked to several suspects

“They [Belgian authorities] could and should have stopped 10 terrorists being present with complete impunity on French territory that night; people who traveled around at will on the metro and in their cars with their mobile phones.”

Johan Platteau, a Belgian attorney, told Belgian radio that Ribet-Reinhart could be successful in her lawsuit against Belgium. He iterated that Ribet-Reinhart would bear responsibility for providing sufficient evidence that Belgian authorities had behaved with negligence. 

If Ribet-Reinhart can present sufficient evidence that Belgium did not act appropriately given the information it had, the Belgian state may be ruled guilty. 

Ribet-Reinhart emphasized her determination to press charges against Belgian authorities and hold accountable all those responsible for the attacks.

“We, with his family and [her son’s fiancee] Eva, will provide the means and go as far as it takes,” said Ribet-Reinhart.

Sources:  BBC, Mirror / Photo credit: BBC

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