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Paris Suicide Bomber Had A History Of Being A 'Party Animal' Who 'Wasn't Religious At All'

Before ending her own life as an Islamic State group suicide bomber, one terrorist had a reputation of being a party animal, with no apparent interest in religion.

Hasna Ait Boulahcen, 26, blew herself up during the police raid in Saint Denis, France, when authorities made their way into the safe house in which she was hiding with her cousin, Abdelhamid Abaaoud, the alleged ringleader behind the Paris attacks on Nov. 13.

Photos that emerged after the suicide bombing depict her posing for selfies and nude photos. One photo shows her in a bathtub, covered by nothing but a necklace and bubbles.

A day after her deadly attack, family members and acquaintances have spoken about the young woman and her “bad reputation.” She was reportedly known among family and friends for her love of drinking and smoking, but supposedly never showed an interest in Islam, reports New York Post.

Hasna’s brother, Youssouf Ait Boulahcen, said he never saw his sister show an interest in religion. According to him, she never read the Quran and only began wearing a Muslim veil roughly a month before the suicide bombing, reports New York Post.

“She was living in her own world,” Youssouf told the Daily Mail. “She was not interested in studying her religion. I never saw her open the Quran. She was permanently on her phone, looking at Facebook or WhatsApp.”

Neighbors told The Times that Hasna was considered to be a bad Muslim. A friend revealed that she once caused a scene while drunk at a nightclub, spraying tear gas around the club.

“Basically, she just got angry with a guy who was trying to chat her up and became furious,” her friend said.

“I think she had a very disturbed childhood, and she had a lot of problems,” she added. “She really did drink a lot.”

Another friend of Hasna’s, Amin Abou, described her as “a party animal who loved clubbing.”

“She drank alcohol and smoked and went around with lots of different guys,” Abou said.

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Another friend, Mattes Jacques said Hasna “wore Western clothes, she never wore hijab [headscarf]” and added that she “didn’t go to mosque or pray.”

“She wasn’t religious at all," Jacques said. “She was like you and me, she went out, she live a free life, always out partying.”

On Nov. 18, French police were in pursuit of Abaaoud, Hasna’s cousin who was the alleged mastermind behind the Paris attacks. She reportedly lured police by screaming out, “Help me! Help me!” as anti-terror forces raided an apartment building looking for the terrorist leader.

According to The Times, not only were Abaaoud and Hasna cousins, but “it is believed that she was also married to him.” 

Before becoming Europe’s first suicide bomber, Hasna reportedly emptied the magazine of an assault rifle at police. 

She then reportedly triggered the explosive vest she was wearing, which tore her to pieces, hurling her head and spine out the window. The explosion also killed a police dog, named Diesel.

“After a long firefight, we heard a loud explosion,” French police chief Jean-Michel Fauvergue told the Mirror, reports New York Post. “The windows of an apartment were shattered, blown from inside to out … That’s when we saw a human body, a woman’s head, fly through the window and land on the [sidewalk] — on the other side of the street.”

After over seven hours of fighting, during which police fired more than 5,000 bullets, Abaaoud, who reportedly led the attacks that killed 129 people, was also killed. 

Eight people were also arrested for being suspected of plotting a second wave of attacks. One man was arrested and dragged away wearing nothing from the waist down.

Hasna’s brother said that she was raised by a foster family, according to New York Post. She was put under “triple surveillance” by French authorities for her drug- and terror-related activities, New York Post reports.

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