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Parents Warn Of Dangerous 'Choking Game' After Teen Son's Death


The parents of a 14-year-old in England are speaking out against a dangerous phenomenon known as the choking game, which took the life of their son.

Will Hadley was found dead in May of 2014 — two weeks before his 15th birthday — by his parents, with the cause later determined to be accidental choking.

Will’s parents said they believe their son choked himself after seeing video on the Internet about the choking game, which involves restricting and returning blood flow and oxygen to the brain to cause a dizzy feeling. 

“It was an absolute total shock. He was one of the happiest kids, he was full of life, no problems at school and we got on great with him,” Hadley’s father said. “You try to prepare your kids for life ... those threats and dangers, but how can you deal with something you have never heard of?"

The Hadleys are now trying to spread awareness of the game to the British government, in an attempt to inform parents throughout the country.

“We want something to be done about this. We think the response has been really poor — we have been given lip service from pretty well everyone,” the Hadleys said. “We want every GP and school and coroner and police force in the country to be made aware."

Will’s death came just a few years after 12-year-old William Stanesby died from accidental choking as a result of the game.

Sources: BBC, Daily Mail / Photo credit: The Hadleys via BBC


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