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Jihadi John: Parents Of Mohammed Emwazi Recognized Him In James Foley Beheading Video

While watching the video of U.S. journalist James Foley’s beheading, Mohammed Emwazi's parents recognized their son as the infamous Jihadi John.

Jihadi John was identified last week by Western media as Emwazi. However, his parents have known about his terror spree for quite some time. It is reported that they did not notify authorities.

“That is my son,” Ghania Emwazi reportedly shouted as she watched the video of her son murdering Foley.

Emwazi’s father, Jassem, told Kuwaiti police that he realized Jihadi John was his son after hearing his voice on the video. Witnesses say Jassem was extremely emotional after learning that his son was Jihadi John.

"I am waiting day-by-day to hear about his death," Jassem reportedly told authorities, according to the Daily Mail.

"The mother recognized the voice and she screamed 'that is my son' while he was talking before beheading the first American hostage," a source associated with the investigation stated. "When they played the video again, the father was sure it was his son," the Telegraph reports.

Jassem claims the last time he had contact with his son was in 2013. Emwazi told his father he was going to Syria to volunteer as an aid worker.

Emwazi moved from Kuwait to the United Kingdom with his parents in the 1990s. He attended The University of Westminster in London. In 2010, Emwazi took a job with an IT company in Kuwait as a salesman. His boss described him as the "best employee."

“It's just not logical that he could be this guy. I have no answers for this. He wasn't sociable. He was always earnest. He didn't smile. But he wasn't bad,” he said, according to the Daily Mail.

It is believed that most of Emwazi’s relatives, including his father, have moved from London back to Kuwait.

Sources: Daily Mail, Telegraph / Photo: syrianperspective


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