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Parents Let Son Poop In Aisle Of Airplane Because The Bathrooms Were 'Too Small' (Photos)

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When two parents on a domestic Chinese flight decided the plane’s bathroom was too narrow, they reportedly let their son poop in the aisle.

A photo of a child allegedly relieving himself in the airplane aisle has spread on the Chinese social media site Weibo, according to World Duh. The photo reportedly shows the boy on a West Air flight from Zhengzhou to Nantong on Saturday. Apparently, the boy waited until the end of the flight as the plane landed to relieve himself.

On Sunday, however, a second picture was featured on Weibo that showed another child defecating in the aisle of a plane. The Shenzhen flight flew from Nanjing to Guangzhou.

The boy’s parents reportedly allowed him to poop in the aisle despite another passenger’s insistence that both bathrooms were vacant. The boy’s parents replied that both bathrooms were "too small," so they allowed their son to use the back of the plane instead. This incident occurred before the plane had even taken off, according to The Nan Fang.

It's unclear whether or not charges were made against the boy's parents. 

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Sources: The Nan Fang, World Duh

Photo Credit: The Nan Fang, Semi-detached/Flickr


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