Parents Heartbroken After 4-Year-Old Son Dies From The Chicken Pox

Parents of a four-year-old boy are left heartbroken and shocked after their son died from the chicken pox.

Euan Harbottle came down with chicken pox and his parents thought that the itchy bumps and increased temperature would be their son's worst symptoms. 

Unfortunately, the parents soon learned that their son was the one in 100,000 who had a deadly reaction to the chicken pox.

Barnottle's case of the chicken pox caused him to develop blood poisoning and sadly lost the fight for his life at Galloway Community Hospital in Stranraer.

The boy's parents, Harry Harbottle and Sian Roberts, have now spoken out about their young son.

"We had no idea that chicken pox could lead to this," said Harry, 66. "All children get exposed to chicken pox - you even hear about some people holding chicken pox parties so their children pick up the virus when they are young."

"Euan was such a gentle boy," his mother Sian said. "We miss him so much."

Euan was known in the family's small community for his love of the outdoors and his family is working to raise funds to build a harbour-side playground in his memory.

"We have to accept that what happened to Euan was very rare and very unlucky," Harry said. "He was such a lovely, clever and generous boy and we are so proud of him."

Sources: Stuff.co.nz, Daily Record

Photo Credit: Stuff.co.nz


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