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Parents Find Staples In 4-Year-Old Boy's Ear, Make Horrific Discovery (Photos)

A teacher with the surname Lan has been suspended from her post at Jiangle County Art Kindergarten in Sanming, Fujian, China, after she reportedly stapled her student’s ear.

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The 4-year-old boy’s mother discovered the staple when she was giving him a bath and he began crying from the pain, reports Shanghaiist. He told his mother Lan stapled his ear during lunch.

Though it’s unclear why Lan stapled the unidentified boy’s ear, she is now being investigated by the police for professional misconduct. Authorities promised an in-depth investigation into the incident.

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In addition to her suspension, Lan will be held in jail for 15 days and fined 1,000 yuan, or about $160. The principal and deputy principal of the school have also been suspended, reports Daily Mail.

Representatives from the school and the education bureau have visited the family to apologize.

Sources: ShanghaiistDaily Mail

Image via Daily Mail


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