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Abandoned 2-Day-Old Baby Rescued By Police In Oman (Photos)

A newborn baby in Muscat, Oman, is recovering in a hospital after being dumped in a park by her parents.

The 2-day-old baby, discovered by police on the morning of Oct. 24, had been wrapped in a blanket and abandoned on a gravel path, according to the Times of Oman. Her umbilical cord was still attached.

"The patrolling unit found the baby at around 6:30 a.m.," a law enforcement official said. "She was covered in a blanket. The umbilical cord was not even cut properly. The baby has been admitted to Khoula Hospital."

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A spokesperson at the hospital declined to comment on the case, while a representative from the Ministry of Social Development told the Times of Oman that they are prepared to offer their services should authorities request them.

"We need to ensure that the baby is healthy and does not have any contagious diseases before we take her in," the representative said. "We would have to receive a call from the concerned authorities asking us to take the baby."

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Authorities speculate that the newborn was deserted because she was born out of wedlock, according to the Daily Mail. Having a child out of wedlock is illegal in Oman.

Members of the local community were unnerved by the incident.

"It is a surprise to hear that such a thing has happened in our area," shop owner Rafi Mohammed told the Times of Oman.

There are currently more than 124 abandoned children living at the Al Khoud Child Care Center, a state-run facility dedicated to finding homes for unwanted babies, according to Gulf News.

Sources: Times of Oman, Daily Mail, Gulf News / Photo credit: Class V/Flickr

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