Father Of Three Chokes To Death After Eating Entire McDonald's Cheeseburger In One Bite


A father of three from Wales died from choking after reportedly trying to eat a McDonald’s cheeseburger in one bite.

Wales Online reported that Darren Bray, 29, told his friends, “watch this,” before putting an entire cheeseburger in his mouth at once - a move that would ultimately cost him his life.

Amy Bernett said that Bray was at her house when her boyfriend, Sam Bisgrove, got McDonald's for the three on his way home from work. When he arrived home with the food, Bray, who had been drinking cans of beer beforehand, “took his burger and rolled it into a ball then pushed it into his mouth.”

Soon after putting the cheeseburger in his mouth, Bray starting choking and turned blue, says Metro UK. Bisgrove said that he tried to hit Bray’s back to clear his airways after he started making “horrible coughing sounds” but he was unsuccessful. Bernett and Bisgrove tried putting their fingers down Bray’s throat and doing chest compressions while they waited for an ambulance to arrive.

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Paramedics arrived soon after and performed CPR on Bray, but it was too late. They were unable to resuscitate him and he was pronounced dead at the scene.

Dr. Rhiannon Trefot told the Cardiff Coroner’s Court that Bray’s cause of death was an “eight by five centimeter ball of food” blocking his airway. The ball of food, called a food bolus, was stuck at the top of Bray’s throat, above his vocal chords. The autopsy also showed a small piece of food near his lungs.

The doctor said that alcohol was found in Bray's system, but that it was not enough to "affect his judgement." 

Sources: Metro UKWales Online / Photo credit: Wales Online

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