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4-Year-Old Girl Beheaded In Random Train Station Attack

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A 4-year-old Taiwanese girl was beheaded in a random knife attack in the capital city of Taipei.

The mother of the little girl spoke to the media after the murder, saying that she "saw the suspect slashing my daughter with a cleaver."

"I immediately grabbed him but I could not pull him away," the mother said, KTLA reported. The mother began to scream for help, with bystanders rushing to her aide.

The mother then realized her daughter "was not at her original location, and she was not on her bike. She was scattered on the roadside," said Focus Taiwan. 

Bystanders reportedly restrained the suspect after the incident, holding him back until police arrived.

The mother and her child were on their way to the train station to meet the girl's grandfather and two siblings when the attack occurred. The suspect grabbed the girl from behind and decapitated her with a cleaver, Focus Taiwan reported.

"Little light bulb [the young girl's nickname] told me that she missed her brother and sister, so she wanted to pick them up," the mother said. "But I am very sad. I will never see her again, and she will never see her brother and sister again."

An initial investigation showed that the suspect waited near the station just hours after purchasing the cleaver at a market. He was later arrested and police discovered that he had a history of mental illness, having previously received psychiatric treatment.

When officers attempted to escort the man -- who still had blood on his face -- out of the police station, several people attempted to rush him. Police were forced to take him back into the building.

The mother told the media that she "did not know society is so unsafe," and that she hoped the government would do something to protect mothers and help them care for their children more easily.

Sources: Focus Taiwan, KTLA / Photo credit: Claire Wang/CNN via KTLA

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