Toddler Death Caused By Window Blinds


A toddler in England died in a "freak accident" after becoming tangled in a window blind cord.

On April 2, 16-month-old Bronwyn Taylor was in the care of her grandparents when got caught in the window blinds. She was sent to a hospital in Staffordshire, England, but was pronounced dead shortly after arrival.

“Bronwyn’s grandparents absolutely adored her,” said her mother, Cathy, reports The Guardian. “She was only left alone for a few seconds. It’s just absolutely tragic.”

Bronwyn’s grandfather collapsed in shock following the incident, and is still being monitored at the hospital for concerns over his mental health.

When the accident happened, Bronwyn’s grandmother was in charge of both the toddler and her 16-year-old brother, Boden, who has cerebral palsy. Other children, including other siblings and cousins, were usually around to help, but that day, the grandmother was caring for both children alone.

"My mum and dad have been blaming themselves, but we don’t blame them," said Bronwyn's father, Matthew, reports Stoke Sentinel. "It was a freak accident. We are all devastated."

Cathy and Matthew want other parents and caregivers to be aware of the potential dangers that can arise when their surroundings are not completely safe for children.

"But it is not just about blinds, it could happen with anything," Matthew explained. "People must make sure everything is child-proof as much as they can. If they have old blinds they must double check the cords are tied away or replace them with safety blinds."

Cathy says Bronwyn was "the light at the [center] of our little family," and her death has devastated all who knew her.

"Bronwyn was like a breath of fresh air," said a representative for the Southlands Nursery. "She was a beautiful little girl who responded positively to everyone in our nursery. She was one of the easiest children we have integrated into our nursery due to her lovely, easygoing temperament. Although she was with us for such a short time, our memories of her will remain with us for ever."

"She was a perfectly healthy and beautiful little girl and her life has been taken away from her," Cathy said. "I was looking forward to watching all the Disney films with her, dress her up like a princess and do her hair. That's gone because of a stupid little accident."

Sources: Stoke Sentinel, The Guardian / Photo credit: The Telegraph

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