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One-Eyed Matador Is Gored In Bullfight (Video)

One-eyed matador Juan Jose Padilla continued his unlucky streak of being gored during a bullfight on March 12 in Valencia, Spain (video below).

Padilla was gored in the thigh and chest, had his eye patch torn off and lost his glass eye, notes The Local.

The 43-year-old matador survived, took a brief break, came back into the ring with a tourniquet wrapped around his bleeding leg, killed the beast and left with one of its ears, reports the Daily Mail.

According to The Sun, Padilla was gored in the leg and groin, but did not seek medical care at the bullring's infirmary until after he killed the bull.

Padilla was then transferred to a local hospital where doctors found that he had also suffered an injury on the left side of his upper torso; that injury almost hit his lung.

Padilla had to undergo emergency surgery, but later invited the press in to take pictures and interview him as he lay bandaged and hooked up on oxygen in his hospital bed.

"It’s more than lucky, it’s a miracle: Once again the hand of God was on me," Padilla told the Spanish news agency Efe, notes The Local. "This was a bad one. But I’ll be back."

According to The Local, Padilla was almost killed by a bull in 2001 after being gored in the throat during a bullfight in Pamplona.

Padilla was flung into the air by another bull in May 2011 in Zaragoza. The bull jammed a horn into Padilla's head, cracked his skull, shattered his jaw, deafened him in one ear and damaged his eye.

The Daily Mail dates the incident as back in October 2011, and notes that Padilla had blood pouring out of his head and screamed, "I can't see, I can't see."

Doctors operated on Padilla for five hours, and saved his life. However, he was paralyzed on one side of his face.

In May 2012, Padilla taunted a 1,400-pound bull that tossed him into the air in Madrid.

Padilla returned to the bullring in Zaragoza (where he lost his eye) in October 2016 and was gored by a bull in his empty eye socket; he also suffered a concussion.

Despite his string of bull-related disasters, Padilla still plans to participate in a running of the bulls event in Castellon in March.

Sources: The Local, Daily Mail, The Sun / Photo credit: Pixabay

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