Olympic Champion Wrestler Takes On Seven Cops (Video)


Vyacheslav Oliynyk, an ex-Olympic wrestling champion, recently took on seven police officers during a traffic stop in Kiev, Ukraine (video below).

Oliynyk was pulled over for alleged drunk driving, but the 50-year-old athlete wasn't going quietly, notes Metro News.

The video begins with Oliynyk arguing with two police officers, which escalates into a shoving match. One of the cops tries dousing Oliynyk with pepper spray, but he keeps going after the cops and is hit in the face with a baton.

The three men continue to struggle in the middle of the street until Oliynyk backs up, bleeding heavily from a wound in his face -- but he is not finished yet.

The cops move in again, and Oliynyk tries to punch one of the officers; the other officer swipes at Oliynyk's legs with a baton.

Fortunately, more police arrive on the scene.

Eventually, seven officers bring Oliynyk to the ground, but they have problems putting handcuffs and leg locks on the powerful man.

At one point, a female officer tries to explain what is going on to Oliynyk, but he allegedly says, "Go f--- yourself."

Oliynyk finally allows himself to be taken into custody after friends ask him to do so for the sake of his young son, who was reportedly crying inside Oliynyk's car.

Oliynyk later told the local media:

I admit I was partially guilty, I can’t tell you the whole thing. I'm partly guilty because I did not stop and I was ignoring the police. But I am not a criminal. As far as I can see there will be a court hearing and they will punish me somehow because they always do. However the fact that police let me go home on the same day shows I didn’t do anything that bad.

According to Sports Illustrated, Oliynyk won a gold medal in the Greco-Roman light heavyweight division at the 1996 Summer Olympics in Atlanta, but came in 14th at the 2000 Olympics.


Sources: Metro News, Sports Illustrated / Photo credit: roadcontrol/YouTube

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