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'Oh God, I'm Coming': Swiss Neighbor Writes Letter Calling Out Couple On Noisy Sex

An anonymous person in the Rosengarten apartments in Untersiggenthal, Switzerland, was so fed-up with his neighbors’ loud love-making he decided to write a letter detailing his concerns.

“At the beginning it was quite amusing to listen through the walls and windows to their loud mating rituals, but still in the long run I have to say as a [neighbor] it just sucks,” the letter, which was posted on a door in the underground parking lot for the residence, read.

The neighbor then goes on to ask the couple to invest in soundproofing their apartment so that other residents do not have to hear the constant banging of the bed frame against the wall.

"Believe me, it's no fun when you have to explain to one of the elderly relatives or godchildren that the words of the neighbors, 'Oh God, I'm coming' have nothing to do with religion or suicide,” the neighbor’s letter read, The Local reported.

Another neighbor confirmed that the couple were loud, telling 20 Minuten newspaper: “Through the open window, I hear them, though I do not live in the same building.”

However, not everyone agreed with the person who penned the letter.

“Sex in your own home should surely still be allowed,” one neighbor said.

Walter Angst, a spokesman for the local tenant association, said such issues can be negotiated between neighbors without the need for posting anonymous letters.

“In [neighborhood] conflicts we always urge tenants to talk things over with mutual consideration,” Angst said.

His solution: close the curtains during sexual intercourse or buy some ear plugs.

Angst said, however, it is unreasonable to expect couples to keep quiet in the bedroom or to schedule sex, which sounds really unsexy.

In April, the New York Post reported on a couple in Brooklyn, New York, who were so loud while they were making love that they received the most 311 complaints in the city from angry neighbors.

Sources: The Local, New York Post / Photo Credit: Richard fosterBryan Brenneman/Flickr Creative Commons


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