Obama To Sign Law Banning Imported Fish Caught By Slaves


President Barack Obama is reportedly planning to sign a law that would ban imports of fish caught by slave labor in southeast Asia. He is expected to sign the law during the week of Feb. 15.

The law is an amendment that will effectively close a loophole in the Tariff Act of 1930, which has allowed seafood caught from slave labor into the U.S. for years.

"It’s an outrage this loophole persisted for so long," Democratic Sen. Ron Wyden of Oregon said, according to The Guardian. "No product made by people held against their will, or by children, should ever be imported to the United States.”

In 2015, widespread abuses of workers around the world were revealed, including children mining gold in Africa. 

"Step by step, I do really think we’re making progress, and there is a growing awareness of how much we need to get more control over the world’s oceans and the range of crime that happens out there," Secretary of State John Kerry told The New York Times on Feb. 15.

The amdendment was sponsored by Wyden and Democratic Sen. Sherrod Brown of Ohio.

"I think most Americans were horrified to learn that the fish in the pet food they give to their cats and dogs was being caught by children forced to work on ships against their will," Brown said, according to The Times.

Congress passed the law during the week of Feb. 8.

Sources: The Guardian, The New York Times / Photo credit: Wikimedia Commons, Adam Dean for The New York Times

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