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Syrian Rebels Capture U.S.-Made Weapons, May Cut Ties With Al-Qaeda To Form New Entity (Photos)

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Militants with the Syrian al-Qaeda affiliate Nusra Front released photos of themselves posing with American missles after they reportedly seized boxes of weapons and food from the headquarters of the recently disbanded, Western-backed Harakat Hazm group.

The photos, according to the Daily Mail, were taken in a warehouse in the Syrian city of Atarib that belonged to the Harakat Hazm group before it disbanded, and show militants pointing to American logos on cardboard boxes full of supplies as well as posing alongside America- made missiles.

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“Thanks be to God, Allah let the Mujaheddin take these weapons after we fought the traitors [Harakat Hazm],” a Nusra Front Twitter account posted. “Tens of American TOW missiles became for the Mujaheddin.”

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The release of the photos comes following an announcement that the group is considering cutting ties with al-Qaeda to form their own independent terror organization that would rival ISIS.

“A new entity will see the light soon, which will include Nusra and Jaysh al Muhajereen wel Ansar and other small brigades,” jihadi figure Muzamjer al-Sham said. “The name of Nusra will be abandoned. It will disengage from al Qaeda. But not all the Nusra emirs agree and that is why the announcement has been delayed.”

A source revealed that Qatar had recently met with the leader of Nusra to encourage them to become their own entity, entirely separate from al-Qaeda.

“They are promising Nusra more support, i.e. money, supplies etc, once they let go of the Qaeda ties,” the source said.

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Sources: Daily Mail, Reuters / Photo Credit:


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