Carer For The Elderly Jailed For Abusing Patients (Video)

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An English woman who provided in-home care to elderly patients is facing heavy fire after video evidence surfaced of her abusing one of the patients.

The video (below) — which was recorded by another staff member at the patient's home — shows Julie Hamilton, 44, ordering a stroke victim to swallow her food, despite her refusal.

The 88-year-old, identified as Winifred Stolarski, is recovering from a stroke and also has dementia. She had reportedly been force fed food by Hamilton before, even as she cried out in distress.

As she refused her food, Hamilton told her “you’ll go without.” She then went to the kitchen cupboard and ate some of the patient’s food.

The video shows her apparently eating a cake as she wrote down that Stolarski was fed, although this was not the case.

The staff member who recorded Hamilton captured 19 clips that appear to show her mistreat Stolarski in her home.

Hamilton was only found out after a DVD of the abuses were left on the windscreen of the car of Hamilton's manager. 

Hamilton was arrested on June 29, 2014. She has since been sentenced to two months in prison after pleading guilty to two counts of willful neglect.

Hamilton had been working as a carer for 23 years.

When questioned by police, Hamilton told investigators that stealing patients’ food was a “perk of the job,” reports Daily Mail.

After being shown the footage, she reportedly texted her managers that she was "disgusted with herself," and resigned.

Detective Karen Kirman of the West Midlands Police said, “Hamilton shows a complete lack of respect and humanity for a very vulnerable lady under her care; the only time she did her job, adopting a friendly, smiling demeanor was when a doctor was also present.”

Source: Daily Mail, Daily Record

Photo Credit: West Midlands Police via Daily Mail


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