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German Nudist Gets Penis Caught On Fishing Hook

A German nudist went for a swim in a lake, but got an unpleasant surprise when a fisherman caught his penis on a fishing hook.

Herbert Fendt was swimming in the Kaiseree, a lake in southern Germany, when he felt a sudden pain in his groin. 

Fendt thought he may have gotten caught in some weeds, but was shocked to look down and see that a fishing hook had pierced his penis, reports The Sun.

"I cried out to the fisherman ashore shouting 'do not pull, do not pull,'" Fendt said. "I was terrified he was going to try to reel me in."

Fendt quickly swam ashore to pull the hook out, but instead had to cut the line and ride home on his bicycle with the hook still caught in his penis. He then drove himself from his home to a nearby hospital, reports Daily Mail.

"The doctor could understandably not suppress a small grin when he saw it," Fendt, who is using an alias to avoid public ridicule, said. 

The hook was removed and doctors cleaned the wound. The injury is expected to fully heal.

Fendt says he is not allowed to swim or shower for a week while the wound heals, but that he plans to return for a swim once he is able.

The fisherman reportedly felt no sympathy for the nudist, telling him that it is "not an official bathing lake," and that he has the right to fish there.

"I tried to explain to him that he should take into account the many swimmers who use the lake, and that I am unaware of any official prohibition to swim here but he did not care," Fendt said.

Sources: Daily MailDaily Star / Photo credit: Wikimedia Commons via Daily Mail

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