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NRA Cheers On Increase Of Gun Purchases In Israel

In response to the wave of violence in Israel over the past month, many Israelis have been lining up to buy guns for protection.

“Usually it’s a lot of staff but no customers," Yariv Ben-Yehuda, a gun store owner in Tel Aviv, told "About a week ago everything changed."

Shaul Derby, manager of the store, added:

Our weapons sales alone have risen in the past two weeks by about 30 percent. A large part of the sales are to weapons traders and part of it to people who want to replace their gun with something else, mainly Glocks or Smith and Wessons.

The NRA's lobbying arm, the Institute for Legislative Action, cheered the increased gun buying on Oct. 16: "Recent reports out of Israel show that that Israeli civilians aren’t taking a recent spate of terrorist violence lying down, they are arming themselves to fight back."

"Further, the Israeli government is cooperating by taking measures to ensure that more citizens will have access to the tools necessary to protect themselves and their communities."

The NRA didn't mention that it makes millions from gun manufacturers (including Smith & Wesson), which was reported by Business Insider in 2013.

Sources: via,, Business Insider / Photo Credit: NRA Logo


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