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Norwegian Army Telemark Battalion Will Assist In Fight Against ISIS

Telemark Battalion is a group of elite fighters from Norway that has been fighting against the Taliban since 2003. In April, they are expected to send about 50 soldiers to Iraq to assist Kurdish forces.

The fighters wear a patch similar to the one worn by Marvel comic book vigilante, the Punisher. The patch has an illustration of a skull and the words “Jokke — we will never forget,” in honor of fallen comrade Claes Joachim Olsson, as reported by the Daily Mail. Olsson was 22 years old when he was killed by a Taliban roadside bomb in Afghanistan.

Telemark Battalion is known for being fierce and not backing down. Charles Stanley, 51, an American who worked with the army in the 1990s, said “ISIS should fear them for sure” and “[t]his well-trained and disciplined unit of Norwegian soldiers would be able to make very short work of any ISIS soldiers they encountered,” according to the Daily Mail. Stanley also praised the Battalion and stated: “I would say compared to other country's soldiers they were among some of the most competitive and competent warriors that I have ever worked with.”

In 1943, the Telemark Battalion destroyed a water production facility at the Norsk Hydroelectric plant in Telemark, Norway, which ruined Hitler’s vision of a Nazi nuclear bomb. The Daily Mail reports that this raid was one of the most successful achievements of the entire war. The Battalion reportedly fled by skiing 250 miles to Sweden.

The American Sniper, Chris Kyle, also wore a patch with a skull symbol similar to the one worn by the Telemark Battalion. Stanley says “[t]hat type of scare tactic has been employed for many years by many armies — the Vietnam War had its death card ace of spades, and now they have moved to spray-painted skulls and comic book reference symbols.”

Sources: Daily Mail.

Photo: Wikimedia


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