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ISIS Saws Kids In Half For Part In 'Resistance Faction'

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ISIS terrorists reportedly killed nine young people in public by cutting them in half with chain saws.

The young men were allegedly tied to poles at Tal Afar Square in the ISIS stronghold of Mosul, Iraq, then sliced in half with a chain saw. The youths were sentenced in an ISIS court for being involved with a resistance movement.

"The outfit accused that these youths belonged to an anti-ISIS resistance faction," an anonymous source told Iraqi News, Daily Mail reported. "The death sentence pronounced by ISIS sharia court stated that the men should be tied to an iron pole in the center of Tal Afar Square in Mosul and then sliced into two with an electric chain saw.”

ISIS also recently threatened to attack the West after the group’s top strategist, Abu Mohamed al-Adnani, was reportedly killed in a bomb strike in Aleppo, Syria. The death was said to be a major blow to the terrorist organization, and prompted it to respond by telling the West it would “exterminate” them. 

“Their choice of execution exposes their true vile nature. This cannot be allowed to happen,” one Daily Mail reader commented in response to the news of the executions.

“After reading all the stories of how this scum behave and treat their womenfolk, and any other 'nonbeliever', I find it hard to understand why anyone in their right minds would want to leave this relatively safe country of ours and join this barbaric bunch of mentally subnormal, unwashed, losers,” another added. 

Turkey and its allies recently launched a new attack against ISIS in Syria, taking villages from terrorists and U.S.-backed Kurdish militia. 

“They took several villages, about eight villages. At first they took two and withdrew from them, but then reinforcements came and there was an advance,” Zakaria Malahifji, an official with the Aleppo-based Fastaqim group, said. 

The operation, which was backed by Turkish forces, put pressure on ISIS from both the east and the west of the territory it controls.

“The operations are to work from al-Rai towards the villages that were liberated to the west of Jarablus,”  Col. Ahmed Osman of the Sultan Murad rebel group said, reports Newsweek. 

Sources: Daily Mail, Newsweek / Photo credit: Daily Mail 

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