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9-Year-Old Boy Left With Disturbing Scars After Being Abused By Foster Mother (Photos)

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A boy in eastern China was left with horrific scars after being brutally lashed and beaten by his foster mother for not finishing his homework. The 9-year-old was reportedly beaten with a back scratcher, whipped with ropes and kicked repeatedly by the woman.

According to reports, the boy told teachers he had been beaten with water pipes and branches and scalded with steam because he couldn't finish the homework his foster mother assigned him. Photos of the disturbing scars revealed severe injuries to his back, hands and feet. 

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The woman, who is in her 50s, was arrested and charged with willful and malicious injury.

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The young boy was legally adopted at the age of 6 and has now been placed back into the care of his biological parents. 

Source: Daily Mirror

Photo Credit: Via Daily Mirror


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