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US Night Vision Device Found In Militant Camp (Photo)

Indian soldiers say they recovered a U.S. government night vision device at the site where an Indian soldier was beheaded and two others were killed, leading to accusations that Pakistan's military was either directly involved or complicit in the murders.

The incident happened on Nov. 22 in Kashmir, a region that's been a source of conflict between India and Pakistan for almost 60 years. Attackers ambushed a group of Indian soldiers and killed three, including Indian Army rifleman Prabhu Singh, according to New Delhi Television.

Singh was beheaded and his body was mutilated, prompting a rise in tensions between the two sides, which accuse each other of escalating the situation.

An Indian military unit visited the site of the ambush in daylight and reportedly found the remnants of the attackers' camp, which included sleeping bags, food -- and a night vision monocle marked "U.S. Government property." Soldiers also allegedly found medical supplies with Pakistani Defense Forces markings, along with military-grade radio equipment and ammunition cartridges.

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The discovery prompted the Indian army to directly accuse the Pakistani government of either participating in or supporting the raid. Indian military commanders said the night vision monocle was likely given to Pakistani forces for the purpose of tracking down terrorists on the country's border region, NCTV reported.

Indian officials believe the men who ambushed and beheaded Singh and the two others were members of Pakistan's Border Action Teams, which include "the most radicalized" jihadis working with current and retired Pakistani special forces soldiers.

Meanwhile, rebels in the area stormed an Indian military base in Kashmir on Nov. 29, The Associated Press reported, resulting in the deaths of seven soldiers and three militants. On another section of the border, Indian forces killed three suspected rebels who they said infiltrated India from the Pakistani border.

Sources: New Delhi Television, AP via StarTribune / Photo credit: Indian Armed Forces via New Delhi Television

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