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Report: ISIS Cut Off The Hands Of Four Children And Executed Another

According to details provided by the Al-Saraj family, who fled Mosul, Iraq, after ISIS took over, the terrorist organization has been inflicting horrific punishments upon Mosul residents, including children.

In an interview with Rudaw, which was published on Tuesday, the Al-Saraj family shared information they have received from friends still living in Mosul, according to the Christian Post.

The family's daughter, called “SA,” reportedly received the following text message from a friend:

“Yesterday they cut off the hands of four kids, ages 12, 11, 13 and 16 ... One of the kids stole a toy bird, another stole an electric cable.”

The family's son, called “Ibrahim,” shared a video with reporters from Rudaw, which showed a child being shot in the back of the head execution-style for stealing food. The child’s father is seen on the video begging the militants to spare his son’s life.

The mother of the Al-Saraj family, called “RS,” described the punishment women in Mosul face from ISIS.

"They cut off their hair, some are stoned, some are shot, and some are beheaded for adultery," RS told Rudaw. "If the woman has a boyfriend, the punishment is stoning. If she has more than one boyfriend, she'll be shot."

According to the Al-Saraj family, townspeople are fearful to send their daughters off to school.

"For Yazidis, if a girl is under eight, nothing happens, but if she's older than eight, they force her to have sex with the jihadists," RS said.

People in the town of Mosul have been left with nothing but knives to defend themselves. Before ISIS took over, the Kurdish government was intimidated by the possibility of a rebel uprising, so it seized all weapons, leaving townspeople with only knives for protection.

Most Mosul residents have fled the area since ISIS took over. However, in an attempt to deter future residents from fleeing, ISIS is now demanding house deeds in order to force people to return.

At one point, there were more than 2 million residents living in Mosul. The Al-Saraj family estimates there are only 2,000 ISIS fighters currently policing the town and that the reason ISIS is so powerful is because the locals are too petrified of the capabilities of the terrorist organization to fight back.

Sources: Christian Post

Photo: Wikimedia


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