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Newborn Chinese Girl Found Abandoned In Public Toilet (Photos)

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A newborn baby shockingly survived a trip down the toilet after her mother allegedly attempted to flush her.

The child, discovered in a Beijing public toilet, was discovered after several people using the restroom heard the baby crying, reports. Police then found the girl stuck head-first in the pipe of the toilet.

In photos of the rescue, an officer who pulled the infant out of the toilet is clearly traumatized by the event.

“The baby’s head was pointing downwards and her whole body had already fallen into the drain," Qian Feng, the police officer who rescued the baby, told the Beijing Times. "We could only see the baby’s feet from the side." 

After she was pulled out of the toilet, the infant was taken to a Beijing hospital. Surprisingly, she had no injuries.

A search is currently being conducted in order to discover the girl’s missing mother, who police believe gave birth on the toilet since it was covered in blood.

Chinese babies who are born out of wedlock are sometimes abandoned for financial or social reasons, the Daily Mail noted. Additionally, couples who conceive more than one child can be heavily fined under China’s one-child policy.

Unfortunately, stories of abandoned children are all too common in China.

In May 2013, a newborn boy survived after being dropped down a toilet conduit and getting stuck in a pipe. The problem is so common that China has even developed a “baby hatch” that desperate parents can use to safely abandon their newborns, according to CBS News. In 2014, the Chinese government reported that the program had become overwhelmed and that many infants were dying because of it.

Sources: DailyMail, CBS News, RT

Photo Credit: Beijing Tianqiao Police/China Out/AFP via RT, dirtyboxface/Flickr (2)


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