New Zealand School Sex Ed Booklet: Women Who Cohabitate Are 'Cheap Prostitutes'

A sex ed booklet "Safe Sex," which is used by Papanui High School in Christchurch, New Zealand, is under fire because it refers to women who live with men without marriage as "cheap prostitutes."

In response to the controversial lesson, New Zealand's Ministry of Education head of student achievement Dr. Graham Stoop told Stuff.co.nz, "From our knowledge of how schools are teaching sexuality education it would be rare for a pamphlet like this to be distributed."

Labour education spokesman Chris Hipkins added that the school should pull the booklet because it "steps over the line."

Bible Baptist Publications, which is based in the U.S., produced the booklet, which also appears on its website: "A common practice today is cohabitation, or 'living together.' This is just a sinful grown-up way of 'playing house.' A couple who lives together without marriage is a couple who has become habitual and irresponsible fornicators.  She thinks he’s a wonderful man, yet he’s such a coward he can’t even ask her to be his wife."

"He thinks she’s a fine lady, yet she’s nothing more than a cheap prostitute who allows herself to be used for his sexual gratification in exchange for what seems to be a stable and secure home life. This make-believe game may fool people, but it doesn’t fool God. This is a sin, and it will be punished!"

However, Papanui High School principal Jeff Smith defended the booklet as simply one perspective in a range of many.

Smith told Stuff.co.nz, "If we are not able to show them a range of perspectives, a range of view points, then how can they actually make informed decisions around the information and where it sits?"

Christchurch school's board of trustees chairperson Sandy Brinsdon echoed that sentiment on 3 News' RadioLIVE:

It was given out as one of many perspectives of a range of views that society holds. It wasn't done to discriminate or offend anybody, it was to help the students in their learning.

It's really important that kids understand a wide, wide range of views that are out there in the community that they're going to come across, that's how we prepare them to be good young adults.

Sources: Stuff.co.nz, BibleBaptistPublications.org, 3 News
Image Credit: Seedfeeder


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