New Zealand Company Apologizes For Caitlyn Jenner Billboard


Cailtin Jenner is likely the most well-known figure of the transgender community, leaving her open to both praise and ridicule. Now New Zealand company Cranium Signage is backpedaling after publicly making a jab at Jenner on a billboard.

The billboard featured Jenner’s photo with a Santa Claus hat edited onto her head and the caption “I hope your sack is fuller than mine this Christmas,” reported. 

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LGBT groups criticized the sign and called it “tasteless, crass, insulting and vile.”

The email complaint to Cranium Signage read: “I love funny billboards and even love those that push the boundaries however this billboard only suggests that you are a homophobic, redneck, conservative company full of small minded morons who get a kick out of making fun of a group of people who feature highly in our suicide statistics and who struggle every day for acceptance within our society.”

Phillip Garratt, director of Cranium Signage, said in an email reply that the complainants have a “sick mind” and that he has gay and transgender friends, according to a Facebook post from LGBT advocate Rebecca Jones, which has since been taken down.

Garratt agreed to take the sign down.

Cranium Signage has since publicly apologized for the sign and called it “very poor judgment on our part.” The company also announced it would make a donation to Rainbow Youth, an organization with supports lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender and gender diverse young people in New Zealand.

“It was not our intention to offend any people in the community/world. I, as the owner have no feelings of discrimination to the Gay or transgender community and if one of my family was I would love them just the same,” Garrat wrote in an earlier post.

“Cait is more then welcome to stay at my house with my family anytime. I will have a wine or a beer with her quite happily and it would be an honor. Lots of love Phil wishing you all a Merry Christmas.”

Sources: Rebecca Jones/Facebook, Cranium Signage/Facebook, / Photo credit:

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