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New Video Of Germany New Year's Eve Sex Attacks (Video)

Police in Cologne, Germany, released a new video (below) on May 9 of the reported sexual assaults outside the city's main train station on New Year's Eve. At the time, hundreds of women said they were attacked by foreign men, many of whom were believed to be Arab migrants.

The video was originally posted on YouTube by Germany's public broadcasting channel, Westdeutscher Rundfunk Koln, according to The Local. That video posting was set to private, but not before other copies were made and uploaded.

The video is not explicit and faces have been blurred out, but it shows the chaos.

One young woman yells, "You must not touch me, you must not touch me! You were just touching me, go away!"

"We can't hold this with two people," a police officer tells another officer.

There were up to 1,000 people outside the train station, but not enough police to control the crowd.

The Local reports that the North Rhine-Westphalia state parliament's inquiry committee viewed the video and noted that the police didn't give instructions over a loudspeaker to the crowd.

The state's interior minister Ralf Jager told an inquiry committee in Dusseldorf on May 9 that the state government did not pressure the police to take out the word "rape" from the original police report.

"The accusation of a cover-up is made up out of thin air," Jager stated. "No one had any idea of what happened there until Jan. 3."

"This was a completely new phenomenon that has come to light for the first time ever in Germany," Jager added. "It wasn't predictable in advance."

The Independent reported in April that the local police produced memo that was titled "rape, sexual harassment, thefts, committed by a large group of foreign people."

A Cologne police officer told a local newspaper, the Express, that the state police control center told the local police to remove the report "or otherwise delete the phrase 'Vergewaltigung,'" which is German for "rape."

The state police allegedly made the request on "the wish of the state interior ministry," according to the Cologne police officer.

Prosecutors received 1,170 crime reports from that night, with 492 sexual assault incidents. No one has yet been convicted of a sexual assault crime.

Sources: The Local, Independent / Photo credit: WDR via YouTube

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