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'Antipode' Jet Will Fly From New York To London In 11 Minutes, Industrial Designer Says

Charles Bombardier, a Canadian-based industrial designer, is planning to build a plane that could fly up to 10 passengers from London to New York in 11 minutes.

"I wanted to create an aircraft concept capable of reaching its antipode — or diametrical opposite — as fast as possible," Bombardier told Forbes.

Bombardier has dubbed his proposed hypersonic jet the "Antipode," which would reach a blazing speed of Mach 24, more than twice has fast as his prior concept plane, the Skreemr, and almost 12 times faster than the Concorde.

In theory, the plane would be able to take off from any airfield via reusable rocket boosters. Accelerators would then push it up to 40,000 feet and enable it to reach Mach 5.

“The aircraft’s onboard computer would then ignite its supersonic combustion ramjet engine and accelerate up to Mach 24,” Bombardier added.

“The cost of producing the Antipode would be less than that of the Skreemr since it would be smaller and use existing technology," he added. "But it would still cost a lot more than any business jet on the market today.”

Bombardier told the Daily Mail, "The Antipod could be used as business or military aircraft to transport two highly ranked officials across the globe (up to 20,000 km) in less than an hour."

Sources: Daily Mail, Forbes / Photo Credit: Charles Bombadier/Imaginative Product Image via Daily Mail, Forbes

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