New Magazine Features Women In Bikinis Who Hunt Feral Pigs (Photos)

A new magazine that features women who love to hunt showing off their dead pigs is quickly gaining popularity.

After less than a year in circulation, Chicks Smashing Grunters has garnered more than 14,622 likes on its Facebook page.

The latest issue features Tegan Stanley, from Australia, on the front cover. Stanley told the Daily Mail Australia that she’s only been pig hunting for a year but already feels like a gutsy hunter.

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“My partner reckons that I've got more guts than a lot of the blokes out there which is good,” Stanley said. “I have no hesitation in running and grabbing a pig.”

Stanley is just one of many Australian and New Zealand women who have recently taken an interest in hunting feral pigs. The rising popularity of the sport is attributed to the fact that it’s both fun and it’s for a good cause: protecting the environment from the degradation feral pigs cause.

According to the Federal Department of the Environment, which currently has a Threat Abatement Plan for feral pigs on public conservation, the species Sus Scrofa is known to cause extensive water and soil degradation. They have also reportedly spread diseases to 16 endangered species, including frogs, birds and the small Australian marsupial, the potoroo.

Still, the magazine isn’t without its fair share of critics.

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The photographs of women - sometimes in bikinis - posing next to the dead animals have attracted some negative feedback. Magazine editor Louise Warren doesn’t let the comments slide.

One commenter wrote, “I didn't realise your mag supports killing animals for no reason!” The commenter went on to call the magazine an “African Safari” that promotes “ego hunting murders!”

Warren responded:

You do realise that they are bred to hunt and the money people pay goes to the conservation of animals over there don't you? If it wasn't for hunters paying massive amounts of money to hunt a lot of these gorgeous species would be extinct. If you do some research you will see the many benefits to each species from paid hunters. So it is not ‘killing animals for no reason.’

The species of wild boar can be found all throughout Australia, often in wetlands. Another hunter, Steve Tattam, from Queensland, says the Australian farming industry would be on its knees if feral pigs weren’t being hunted.

“They are everywhere. They are amazing animals. They are bred to survive, they adapt and they eat anything,” Tattam said, according to the Daily Mail. “They destroy crops, they wreck fences, they are very smart animals and they breed like crazy. A sow can have two and a half litters a year, at ten to 12 a litter.

“We are not into animal cruelty at all and that is what I teach my kids," he added. "When I shot roos - for a bounty - I professionally shot them, to the brain, no body shots."

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“My kids have grown up with this and when my daughter got her learner's [driving licence] we were going to get her a car but she said she needed a pigging ute, like a dual cab Hilux," Tattam continued. "Crazy!”

Sources: Daily Mail, Environment.gov.au

Photo Credit: Daily Mail


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