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New ISIS Video Shows Graphic Execution With Shotgun

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Members of the Islamic State terrorist group have released a new video showing them executing a prisoner with a shotgun.

The tape bears all the earmarks of the terrorist group’s videos -- heavy use of production effects and a light-skinned executioner dressed in a costume similar to “Jihadi John.”

The prisoner in the video is believed to be a captured Syrian soldier. He is wearing the same orange jumpsuit that many of their hostages have been forced to wear as they were brutally executed.

The executioner in the video can be seen ranting behind the prisoner. The footage then cuts to slow-motion as the terrorist catches a shotgun thrown to him by someone off camera. Quickly afterwards, he fires a round into the back of the prisoner’s head and he slumps forward to the ground, presumably dead. The film then replays the moment when the prisoner is shot several times before cutting to a shot of the prisoner’s corpse.

This video echoes the one of the execution of the captured Jordanian fighter pilot as it is a departure from their infamous beheadings. In that video, the pilot Moaz al-Kasasbeh was horrifically burned to death in a cage. The video provoked a military response from the Jordanian government, who launched a series of air strikes against the terrorists in northern Syria. That execution came at the heels of a botched deal between the terrorist group and the Jordanian government to exchange prisoners. After the pilot’s execution, Jordan quickly executed their two ISIS prisoners.

The Islamic State terrorist group have killed over 2,000 people in the country of Syria during the past six months, many of them civilians. They have also been known to execute over 100 members of their own group for attempting to to return home.

Source: The Daily Mail Photo Credit: The Daily Mail


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